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Mdma-test-kit-300x300 for web
Use this kit to test for the presence of Ecstasy (MDMA, MDA, MDE), speed & more!
Use the Cocaine Purity Test Kit to get an accurate idea about the purity of your cocaine.
This is a fast & simple test to determine what if any harmful cutting agents are in your cocaine.
Marquis-mecke-mandelin-test-kit-300x300 for web
It’s better to screen your substances with more than one test. Proper screening is a multi-step process, which is why we recommend this bundle if you can afford it. Get these three screening kits, at a discount.
Ketamine-pma-pmma-mandelin-test-kit-for web
Use this kit to test for the presence of Ketamine, PMA/PMMA & other substances.
This MDMA purity test is a quick test to give you an idea about the purity of your MDMA. Use after you’ve tested with the MDMA/Ecstasy test, which indicates the presencof MDMA.
Lsd-test-kit-ehrlich-for web
Our LSD Test Kit contains what is also known as the “Ehrlich test” or “DMAB test”. It detects indoles such as LSD, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, 5-MeO-DIPT, Psilocybin, Psilocin, AMT, and others.
This high-precision digital milligram weigh scale will let you get a more precise amount of your sample. Use the scale in conjunction with the cocaine purity test kit and MDMA purity test kit to get more accurate results.