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    June 03, 2009


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    I can totally relate. I multi-task just like you nightly with my laptop and television. Apparently we're not alone:

    Ohhh I love stats! How fascinating. And apparently, I was right. I'm just not that unique.

    Thanks for sharing, Marnie!

    Too true.

    On the flip side, since I've been using Twitter, the back channel of tweets about programmes on TV (by people with one eye on the TV screen and one on their laptop, PC or mobile device) have brought a whole new dimension to TV for me.

    Now watching TV can be social and I'll far often be entertained by the Twitter conversation about the programme, than the programme itself.

    It's really interesting to think about where this might end up.

    Have you tried finding the Twitter back channel for your favourite TV programmes, or any TV programmes?

    By the way, I wouldn't have been reading this blog if I hadn't found you on Twitter! :)

    Thanks for the comment and for reading my blog!

    I'm one of those backchannel TV talkers :)

    I've spent many nights tweeting about what's going on - on my fav. program. I agree it's an integration and an exciting one.

    The integration of technology and social, business, philanthropic behaviours and attitudes is going to make life interesting for some time to come.

    Thanks again for finding me via Twitter!

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