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    October 05, 2009


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    I would think the same about the UK and also fact in most places there are too many charities, many if not all started with the right intentions but I do sometimes wish that people would check the market first and see how they can add value to an existing organisation. The Marie Keating Foundation has taken that approach in other markets it works in, it partners with existing charities to achieve its mission. Nice post

    Thanks Conor! I'm going to take a look at the Marie Keating Foundation. I'd like to see more of that happening in our sector.

    Happy Monday!

    I agree there are too many charities. They tend to over lap each other and the resources could be put to better use if they were pooled together. Everybody want our money and we all give to what we think is a good charity and I know I would give more if it was put to better use.

    We are currently working with the Childrens Miracle Network. For every months supply of Vemma Next that is purchased Childrens Miracle Network gets a month supply to give to a needy child.

    I loved reading your blog lots of great ideas there.

    Thanks for your comment Troy! I love the work you're doing with Childrens Miracle Network. Let me know how it goes!

    I don't think there are too many charities. If anything, there aren't enough. For the cat rescues your speaking of, I am a part of two and we still don't have enough resources to do what we'd like (both of them).

    Great causes aren't achieving their potential because the management and organization of human capital isn't productive enough.

    Thanks for your comment Elizabeth..  Actually, I work with 2 of them also. And I would argue that they'd both run a lot more effectively if they merged and consolidated their resources, hired an ED and an operations manager and got down to business.


    The reality is - it's far easier to secure support and volunteers when you're larger.  It's also easier to manage resources when you consolidate those resources into one pot.   Rescue organizations require a lot of time from volunteers... time that could be more efficiently used if people weren't divided amongst multiple organizations. (just my .02)

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