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    January 06, 2010


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    Your post makes me think, and at the same time wonder, about 'how' to effectively 'get out there' and make the most impact (while utilizing modern technology) and, most of all, not waste precious time? While part of me says this can happen one person at a time, the other part says that's a naive and short sited approach. Having ideas, vision, creativity, and being able to develop those ideas in a way that will engage an audience are two different things. Having a heart/desire to make an impact on the world is not enough, you have to get out and make one.
    So, I wonder if the first relationships we develop should be with like minded people who bring a slightly different gift mix to the table and allow ideas to grow wings? I know I need the momentum that's created when people work together… synergy. So, how do I find those like minded people?
    Could you be one?
    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog today. It encouraged and re-focused me. And made me ask myself more questions, which is ALL good.
    Feel free to call me as well. 250-764-4869
    Lesley-Anne Evans

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