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    January 17, 2010


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    Much of your post echos what I'm I have thought for some time now.

    The donor pyramid is a tool, however you hit it on the nail - without the structure and commitment to fundraising and donors as a priority, it's not going to work.

    To many organizations think that fundraising professionals are the answer to all their problems. We as fundraising professionals can only do our jobs well if there is a culture of fundraising that comes from the highest level of the organizations and throughout.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    In my years as a staff communications person supporting the fundraising team, I often saw the destructive effects of this silo mentality.

    Almost always, program staff would plan everything out and simply hand it off to communications and fundraising to "sell" ... no matter how unattractive it might in fact be to constituents.

    Hey, it doesn't work that way, folks! Especially now, people want to be genuinely engaged in what they're supporting -- part of the solution. A culture of collaboration and engagement is what's called for (even more than a "culture of fundraising," IMHO). And that's a real change, and challenge, for most organizations.

    Thanks for a provocative article.


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