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    March 04, 2010


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    Great piece and so true. I have dents in my head from beating it against a wall after I've tried to explain this to clients over the years. The dents occur when they invest money in "communication" with no objective other than awareness. Thank Laurie.

    Hi Harvey:


    Thanks so much for your comment.  I've not been involved with NFP's nearly as long as you have, but I already have a couple dents!  Can you recommend an appropriate repair shop?


    "We raised Awareness!" often equals: "Our marketing team convinced us not to ask for money."

    LULZ... Thanks for the smiles, Claire!

    This is so true! You cannot cash an awareness check. Good example: I was not aware of you until you commented on my comment on Andy's blog, this awareness caused an action to find out more about you and I found this blog! I gueess the awareness became valuable when I read your great posts.

    Ha! Thanks for the comment Paul.  I'm really glad to have found you and Andy!  Our exchange has given me much pause for thought today. Nice to 'meet' you!  And thanks again for stopping by. :)

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